An international team of architects designed our gravity-based winery based on principles of naturalness, environmental friendliness, and minimal intervention in nature. The winemaking complex is one of the most technically complex structures implemented in our country.
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  • — total building area - 31,928 sqm, with the underground part being 17,854 sqm
  • — construction volume 100,517 cubic meters, with 79,507 cubic meters underground
  • — volume of concrete used 33,135 cubic meters
  • — total metal mass 3,512 tons

On the ground floor of the building, you will see a breathtaking artificial lake with a diameter of 80 meters and a volume of 10,000 cubic meters. And a walk on the operating roof of the winery, with an area of 8,000 sqm, will delight you with a panoramic view of the endless sea, mountains, and vineyards.


Our exhibition space is an intellectual communicative center, a unique form of presenting art, scientific achievements, and technologies. Reflexive interactive and informational platforms, passing through the winery and continuing outdoors, reveal wine as a metaphor for human life, engaging in a dialogue with park guests on multiple levels.

The complex possesses its own intelligence and voice, which accompanies guests throughout the exhibition. You will be able to interact with our guides during the winery tour, and the modern and high-tech content, combined with the profound philosophy of our space, will allow you to immerse yourself in contemplation about human life through the prism of generations and the history of global winemaking.


Who said that a walk is boring? We suggest embarking on an exciting and captivating journey through our quest routes, which are suitable for the whole family.

Adults will experience an engaging journey, during which you will travel back in time and learn how the wine culture was born and developed on the peninsula. You will become participants in historical events, tracing the path from the colonization of Crimea to the present day, helping the heroes of the past. Meanwhile, young guests of the complex will embark on a fun treasure hunt adventure, where challenges and puzzles await them at every turn.

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Our complex is equipped for comfortable visits by individuals with limited abilities.
We strive to create a barrier-free environment for easy access for people with limited mobility to various facilities and services.


Parking spaces are allocated for PWDs on the parking lot, and elevators connect the levels of the winery building. We strive to create an accessible environment equipped for unhindered movement throughout the complex.

Additionally, our staff is always ready to provide necessary assistance and support to guests with limited abilities.
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