• July
    Party time!
    It's always like this: just as you start to enjoy summertime, June quickly turns into July. If it weren't for my diary, I probably wouldn't have even noticed. But there's certainly something to write about. The most extravagant parties of the season are back. This time, Sunset Vibes is taking place in the style of Olympic gods. I don't know how parties and symposiums went down on Mount Olympus, but the atmosphere here can definitely be described as divine. Everyone is having fun and looking beautiful. By the way, I'm not falling behind either. I also prepared for the party. Got rid of any unwanted weeds, pruned the dense foliage near the clusters to give them some breathing space. The suckers were also removed, as they were taking up all the nutrients. So, I'm in excellent shape. The party, by the way, was also incredible. Can't wait for the next one!              
  • June
    Time for wellness procedures
    Well, here comes summer! Can't say it was unexpected, as I've been waiting for real summer heat for quite a while (May didn't really deliver on that front). And at times like this, familiar thoughts come to my mind, shared by many: it's time to start getting ready for summer, get ourselves in shape and look beautiful. The timing of the second ritual worked out quite well, but I prefer calling it a haircut. It's clear that the main goal of these "procedures" is to rid me of barren and sickly flag shoots. Yes, it will make my life easier and make me healthier, but also more beautiful, right? Overall, I'm ready for summer!
  • May
    Finally, the holidays!
    May has arrived. The weather is becoming more and more like summer, and though it may sound a bit cliché, I really do feel alive right now. I am growing actively, dressing up in my new green attire, and my buds have finally blossomed, making way for growing shoots. It seems that I did quite well last winter, and now the agronomists will be taking care of my shaping. I am growing, not just in words. This month, I acquired my third red grape variety, which is Syrah (or Shiraz, if you prefer). I have grown to 8 hectares, and I can't wait to see what new vines will gift me with. Overall, I really love May. By the way, it seems that my friends love it just as much. Usually, at this time of year, they start loudly and brightly celebrating the beginning of the new season. Our park undergoes a major transformation, beautiful decorations appear, and music plays.
  • April. Long-awaited season
    I'm already fully enjoying the April sun, which means the new season can be considered open. My vines are once again filled with swift sap movement, so the shoots won't be long in coming. But to be honest, I don't have much time to relax and enjoy the weather (yes, I'm a very busy vineyard), because many guests come to me again to take pictures as a souvenir, and some specifically come to learn more about me, as this month we have Russian Wine Days. As part of this event, my friends, wine guides, have even started conducting tours of my rows with detailed explanations of the processes taking place in the vineyard. Yes, with such a busy schedule, I won't rest anytime soon.
  • In anticipation of warmth
    Despite the fact that spring continues to surprise with frosty days, the air is already filled with warm aromas and cozy sunlight. And now, the magic of the upcoming season is especially felt, as my vines are slowly awakening from their slumber.

    This year, my bushes were often covered with a snowy blanket, allowing me to accumulate enough natural moisture, letting it into the "heart of the terroir". After all, the summer months on the southern coast of Crimea are hot and dry, and it is important to pre-water my roots. The cover crops planted in the autumn: phacelia, winter vetch, and mustard, are still asleep, not rushing to wake up. But very soon, the first sprouts will break through and everything around will come alive.

    Meanwhile, agronomists continue to carry out winter pest prevention by spraying me. They repair and fix the trellis, creating comfortable conditions for my vine to enter the new season.
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