How much time should be allocated for a visit to Wine Park?
We recommend allocating at least two hours for the park, but considering that our most popular tour lasts just over an hour and a half, and after that, you will be treated to a space with incredibly beautiful views, you will simply regret leaving without spending at least 30-50 minutes in the park. In Wine Park, you can easily spend a minimum of 5 hours: we have different tour formats, tastings, quests, and the park itself is very rich and interesting for walks.
When is the best time to visit Wine Park?
There is always something interesting happening in the park, but the midday hours have the highest concentration of people, as well as the highest concentration of people in July and August. The most comfortable months to visit the park for solitude are April and October, with the most comfortable time being before 1:00 PM and after 7:00 PM.
What time is the last tour?
The last tour starts at 18:00 to ensure there is enough time to complete the entire route before the winery closes. We close at 22:00.
Is there a café in Wine Park? What is the pricing policy?
There is a restaurant and food trucks in the park.

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