Acoustic tasting | 60 minutes

Close your eyes and transport yourself to a seaside shore, where the sound of the waves is accompanied by seagulls' cries. Feel the touch of a warm breeze and gentle rays of sunshine. Immerse yourself in the aroma of wine. Can you smell the fresh breeze and the hot sand? Take a sip. It's as if a hissing wave washed upon a pristine sandy beach, smoothly enveloping it with its foamy swirls, saturating it with the coolness of saltwater.

And now, open your eyes and look at the wine in your glass. This grape grew on sandy soils, near the sea, under the scorching sun. It just revealed its story. And now you know it, and you will surely remember this wine.

Duration of the tasting: 60 minutes

The price includes:

4 wine glasses per person (minimum of 5 guests)

Pre-booking is required.
Complimentary entrance ticket when purchasing the service.
We warn about the harm of excessive alcohol consumption.

  • For adults: from 6 000 rubles
  • Group tasting: 6 000 rubles
  • Individual tasting: 9 000 rubles
  • For adults: from 6 000 rubles


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