Exclusive Tasting

Wine Park offers a rare opportunity to visit its most exclusive location - the Wine Bank.

Here, there is a special intimate atmosphere, and access to the Wine Bank is only available by prior reservation. This secret location in the Wine Park houses rare wines from the best collections with worldwide recognition.

For the first time at WINEPARK, visitors are greeted with an amazing park space, where vineyards, fruit and cactus gardens seamlessly blend into the landscape of the southern shore. There is even a tower and a waterfall. However, sometimes the most curious and significant places are hidden from casual sight, and one must make an effort to find them. The most obvious example of such a place is the gravity winery, which is hidden underground. But there is a location in our park that is even more carefully concealed - the Wine Bank, which can confidently be called the most mysterious and exclusive spot in our park. 

During the tasting, our sommeliers will select unique sets from the presented samples and reveal the history of their creation and winery. The tasting is accompanied by a set of appetizers from the chef, perfectly matched with the sommelier's selection.

The set consists of 5 glasses.

Pre-booking is required.

8 800 500 23 57

The minimum number of guests for the tasting is 2 guests.

Upon purchasing the service, the entry ticket is complementary.

Visit the wine bank Online
Банк вина онлайн
  • For adults: from 20 000 rubles
  • Daily 17:00 advance booking is required
Банк вина онлайн
  • For adults: from 20 000 rubles


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