Robot sommelier

The robotic service complex, better known as a robot sommelier, is a true genius of engineering, one of a kind.

This mechanism handles the work of multiple sommeliers, serving up to 10 guests with its two robotic arms without any human intervention. It is aided by interactive tablets built into the table, on which it can ask guests several guiding questions. These can range from specific wine preferences, such as regions or color of the drink, to more abstract ones, including the guest's current mood. Once the robot sommelier has "conversed" with you a bit, it will offer you a wine from an extensive and carefully curated wine list, featuring 40 top Russian wines by the glass. The robot can also suggest that guests participate in wine quizzes, matches, or even casino games. In combination with all the mentioned factors, the robot sommelier beautifully showcases the diversity of our country's winemaking estates and terroirs.

As mentioned earlier, this is the first and currently the only robot of its kind in Russia, created with the involvement of the best minds from around the world. The design of the robot was created by Vladimir Pirozhkov, a designer with a worldwide reputation. In addition, specialists from Italy also worked on the design, South Korea provided the manipulators, and we ordered high-precision sensors from Germany.

The sommelier robot is one of the most dedicated workers in the Wine Park, so it will never leave a guest without attention and good wine.

  • For adults:


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