Winery tour with wine tasting at WINEPARK | 60 minutes

New format of winery tour with wine tasting:

WINEPARK. Kokur, 2021 (100 ml)

WINEPARK. Chardonnay, 2021 (100 ml)

Our gravity-fed winery consists of 4 levels, where the grapes are carefully and organically transformed into wine, which means that the journey will take place underground.

You will visit

Wine bar

The assortment of the wine bar includes the best wines of our country, collected from a variety of terroirs, and a unique robot-sommelier created specifically for our project.


Grape reception hall

In this area of the winery, the initial operations of wine production take place. Thanks to the panoramic windows, you will be able to feel like participants in the process.


Fermentation hall

Here, the main processes of vinification take place, transforming the must obtained in the previous stage into young wine.

You will be amazed by this hall - 24 towering tanks, these are stainless steel fermenters from the Italian company "Lasi", each with a capacity of 4100 liters, which means the total volume reaches almost 100,000 liters.



The Agora is located on the lowest level of our gravity winery. Just imagine, you will find yourself 24 meters underground, and right in front of you will be a mirrored square inside a cube: grand in scale and yet seemingly weightless, situated in the center of a lake.


But the Wine Park was conceived not only as a manufacturing facility. It is a complex of projects, the overall mission of which is to develop wine culture in Russia. And we will do everything possible to make Crimea and Russia recognizable regions on the world wine map.

Important conditions before visiting:

Prior reservation is required.

When purchasing a service, the entrance ticket is complimentary.

  • For adults: 3 000 rubles
  • Schedule (daily): 13:00; 16:00
  • For adults: 3 000 rubles


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